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We had snow over the weekend! We haven’t had snow in years and this is the first time it accumulated (more than a dusting) since 2003. The flakes were big and wet and when it was all over, we had about 8 inches – and it was pawesome! Tommy and I got to break out our winter jackets and play in the white stuff. But as fast as it came, it went. Today, all that is left is the remnant of a little snow man. I, Shelly, had a great time walking and hopping around the back yard, but little Tommy says “it sucked!”. Tommy, watch your language. His little legs weren’t long enough so his belly dragged in the snow and Pop had to clear a spot for him to do his “business”. It was fun while it lasted but it’s nice to see the grass again 🙂

Shelly and Tommy in the snow

Shelly and Tommy in the snow

shelly in the snow

it was snowing so hard, shelly had to squint

Tommy checking out the snow

Tommy wasn't so happy to see the snow

Shelly in the snow

shelly really enjoyed the snow


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