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I figured it was time for another installment of “around the house” – Christmas style

Notice the little photos of Simon and Scarlett next to the Pet Emporium?

The Pet Emporium

The Pet Emporium

The Dog Wash - uggh!

The Dog Wash - uggh!

Is that Simon?

Is that Simon?



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Hi ya pups! You don’t know me (yet) but as many of you have guessed, I’m going to be Shelly’s new little brother!! My name is Tommy and I’m a 1 1/2 year old King Charles Spaniel or English Toy Spaniel. Some people refer to us as “Charlies” or “E.T.’s” but I don’t think we look anything like that little critter.

Here’s some information on my breed. Historians believe that we were first bred in Japan or China (hence the smooshed face) and made our way to Europe as presents to Royalty. We are extremely loyal to our owners and it is said that Mary Queen of Scots’ English Toy refused to leave her even while she was “on the chopping block”. We were a favorite of King Charles I and that’s where we got our name. Our colors were origianlly Black and Tan like me but other colors like Black, White and Tan (Prince Charles), Red (Ruby Spaniel), and Red & White (Blenheim) emerged much later. We are toy dogs so we range from 8-14 lbs when fully grown.

Now let me tell you a little about me! While my ancestors grew up in the lap of luxury in Royal families, I didn’t quite have those surroundings. You see, I’m a puppy mill rescue. In fact, I was rescued along with 900 other canine friends from one puppy mill in West Virginia in late August. It was one of the largest animal rescues in American history and the largest in WV. Luckily, the great folks at English Toy Spaniel Rescue came and snatched me and 32 of my Charlie brothers and sisters and placed us in foster homes all over the country. Right now I’m living in Indianapolis, IN with my foster mom and her family and a whole bunch of other dogs and cats and birds. I have never been loved before now but I’m adjusting pretty well. My foster mom potty trained me in one day and gives me lots of treats and toys to play with. The doctor has looked me over and has given me a clean bill of health and was amazed that I was in such good shape coming from my dismal surroundings. I’m going to turn it over to Pop now because I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to meet everydoggie!

From the Pop: As some of you may know, Judy and I had been kicking around the idea of adopting another rescue dog for a little while. Since the passing of Simon and Scarlett, our house just didn’t feel complete without the noise and mess of multiple dogs! We have gone back and forth quite a few times if whether or not we were again ready for the responsibility. As luck would have it, we enrolled Shelly in Family Manners class and we met “William Henry”. You all know him. He’s the dreamy Cavalier King Charles. Last week Judy asked William’s mom where she found him and she agreed to give us some info about the rescue group she went through. After this weeks class, we went home and immediately went on-line to check out Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue website. We “ooh-ed and ahh-ed” over the photos for a while and as I clicked through the pages, I found a link to the ETSR site. Again, we browsed the “adoptable” page and there he was. It was love at first sight. We wanted him. No we needed him so badly. The next morning Judy filled out the extensive adoption evaluation form and sent it in with great anticipation. Would we be turned down? God I hoped not.

We waited all day and heard nothing. No phone call. No email. We were on pins and needles and could barely function. We sat down to the diner table, said a prayer that we’d hear something soon and tried to eat. Judy asked if I thought they would call and I said “well, it’s already 8:30 so I doubt it”. Not two minutes later, the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was a number from out of state. My heart raced as I picked up the phone.


“Hi Jason? I’m Candi. I’m with English Toy Spaniel Rescue and I’m fostering Tommy” was the voice on the other end of the line.

What a rush it was. I talked to her for 30-40 minutes as she filled me in on how they received Tommy and in what condition. She told me that they had received numerous inquires about Tommy but had turned them all down – except ours. She felt we would be perfect for him! She let us know that Tommy is in remarkable condition. No physical injuries, his teeth are in great shape (she said most puppy mill dogs loose their teeth by the time she gets them), heartworm free, his knees and joints show no sign of damage or disease, and he has been neutered. He is extremely shy and a little frightened of people right now but is getting better every day. He loves to be held and play with the other dogs and his FM house trained him in one day! So he’s pretty smart.

We don’t have Tommy yet as he’s still in Indianapolis. We are waiting to hear back from them to work out the transportation details. They have volunteers that will transport some distance, so we’ll probably try to meet them half way. Please say a prayer for us that this all works out and it doesn’t fall through for some reason.

Impatiently waiting. . .

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I have some exciting news (although I don’t look that excited in my pictures). Mom and Pop enrolled me in school! It’s a “family manners” class and I’m going to study things like “sit, stay, leave it, and come”. I already know these things but for some reason, Pop thought that he needed a refresher course in doggie teaching. Class doesn’t start until November 4th so I’ve been catching up on my rest. Pop is a little worried how I’m going to react around other pups. I was great with Simon and Scarlett, but I have to admit I get a little dominate around strange doggies. I did meet a little shih tzu mix on Saturday and after I finished shaking like a leaf, I sniffed him all over and decided he was OK. So keep your paws crossed that I can pass my class and I can’t wait to let you all know how I’m doing!

Shelly is patiently waiting for diner. Aren't I pretty? Shelly needs some lovin'

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Pop was going through some photos tonight and found these pics of me and Simon enjoying a cookie together. Simon sure ate his fast! I like to savor mine and eat a little more “lady-like”. 🙂

Here are our cookies! We both had the little bone looking ones on the right paw side.

Simon didn’t wait long to chomp his 🙂

I have to inspect mine thoroughly before eating. I wouldn’t want a bug or something icky like that to be on it!


We made Pop show us his hands when we were finished to make sure he didn’t have any more tucked away.

From the Pop: These pictures were taken the weekend before we lost Simon and are the last one we took of him. I wish I had taken more.

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We Miss You, Nubbin’

Our hearts are aching without you, but we are comforted in the knowledge that we will snuggle again some day.

Jason, Judy and Shelly

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Simon, my most favorite little fella in the whole wide world, is running on four strong legs and playing in Heaven today with his sister and lifelong companion, Scarlett.

Simon no longer slips and falls on hardwood floors or needs help up that one step to get into the house. He no longer takes medicine 2 times a day for arthritic joints and pain. His legs are straight and strong. He doesn’t have to lay on “wee-wee” pads just in case he has an accident. And he doesn’t have to wait for me to pick him up to put him on the sofa – he can just jump up like he did when he was a pup. For all of that I’m happy.

I cannot pick him up and hold him. I cannot sleep in on the weekend with him by my side. I cannot take him for a ride in the truck or take him to the lake. I do not have enough photos of him. I cannot take him for quick jaunts around the front yard. I cannot sit and watch the ball games while playing with his soft ear. I cannot kiss his little face or rub his belly. I cannot come home from work to see him peaking around the corner of the sofa from his little bed. I cannot hear the distinctive “click-click, slip-slip” of his nails on the floor. For all of that and so much more, I am sad.

We love and miss you dearly.





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Anyone hungry for some cheese? We have some every night when Simon has his pills. I get some just because I’m cute 🙂


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