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It was lasagna night at our household but we didn’t get any and that made us pretty bummed. Lasagna smells so good when it’s cooking. So instead, Pop broke out the Pupcakes cookies that he has been hiding from us! They are St. Patrick’s Day treats so we’re a little late getting them but it was well worth the wait. He bought a big one for me and three little ones for Tommy. We scarfed them down in no time and we even have a little bit left over for another time – maybe Easter (hint, hint Pop). Thank you to Prada’s mom who sells these sweet treats in her store 🙂

stpats_pupcakes stpats_clovers

I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it . . .


Look at Tommy’s crazy expressions. He can’t wait to get this tasty treat in his belly!

tommy_cloversniff tommy_cloverlick
tommy_crunch tommy_crumbs

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We hope everydoggie had a happy St. Valentine’s Day! We sure did 🙂 I, Tommy, had my first pupcake. It was a little yogurt covered doughnut and Shelly had a BIG cookie! I nibbled mine a little but got spooked and left it behind while I went and sat on the porch. But it didn’t go to waste ’cause Shelly finished it off for me.

vday-ruff vday-puppy

vday-pupcakes02 tommy-vday

tommy-sniff shelly-vday


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Pop was going through some photos tonight and found these pics of me and Simon enjoying a cookie together. Simon sure ate his fast! I like to savor mine and eat a little more “lady-like”. 🙂

Here are our cookies! We both had the little bone looking ones on the right paw side.

Simon didn’t wait long to chomp his 🙂

I have to inspect mine thoroughly before eating. I wouldn’t want a bug or something icky like that to be on it!


We made Pop show us his hands when we were finished to make sure he didn’t have any more tucked away.

From the Pop: These pictures were taken the weekend before we lost Simon and are the last one we took of him. I wish I had taken more.

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