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There comes that time in every pups life, when one name just isn’t enough. Take for instance, our Angel Simon. Besides his Christian name, he was most often refered to as “Chuck” – as in “what’s up, Chuck?”. But he also went by “Morgan“, “Blondie“, “Pie“, “Nubbin’“, “Lumpy” and “Handsome“. He actually had more aliases but these were his favorite.

I think it’s only fair to name a few of Shelly and Angel Scarlett’s nicknames too so it doesn’t look like I’m playing favorites. Here are some of Scarlett’s: “Bartlett Pear“, “BP“, “Pug face puppy“, and “Pear“. Shelly has been a little harder to nickname and she’s still working on them but she has a few. My favorite is “She-ellyzebub” – ’cause she’s a little devil! She also responds to “Smelly Shelly“, “Sea Shells“, “Droopy Face“, and “Pretty Girl“.

Where is all of this taking us? Tommy of course! For the week leading up to his adoption, we discussed changing his name. We searched the internet for “English” sounding names but we couldn’t agree on any of them. I was pushing hard for “Oliver” but I couldn’t sway the jury Judy. But in retrospect, I’m glad we kept his name because it fits him perfectly. AND we’ve already come up with some cool names for him to TOTALLY confuse the little boy some more. Here they are in no particular order: “Tommy Tomato” (that’s his little mobster name), “Mr. T.“, “Little Ben” (named after Ben the Rotti because they kinda have the same markings), and “Sweet T“. I’m sure more will follow.

Shelly wanted everypup to know that last night was her final class of “Family Manners I” and she received her certificate of completion :-)) She did really well with her “sit, stay” and “walk politely on a leash” but about half way through class she seemed to loose interest so didn’t get to show off her “down”. Our instructor (and we agree) believes that Shelly might be a little stressed with all the newness going on around her so that is why she was in the dumps last night. She’s been unusually “clingy” with us this week and all she wants is to do is lay in our laps. So we’re giving her extra attention and hugs so she’ll be back to her normal self in no time.

Finally, I just want to say that I promise to post some new pics of Tommy and Shelly soon!

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