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Ding, Dong!



I have a complaint. Is it me, or does every commercial and intro to television programs (especially on HGTV or DIY which I watch obsessively) have someone ringing the stupid doorbell?! Don’t these “ad-men” have dogs? Are they oblivious to the fact that when pups hear a doorbell, whether it be on TV or in real-life, they go ballistic? That’s great if someone really is at your door at 10pm but it totally sucks when it’s a false alarm. As viewers, we don’t need to see the designer come to someone’s front door, ring the bell and see the homeowners act like they didn’t know who was outside. Especially when they cut away to a camera that is clearly located INSIDE the house. I’m tired of playing the “push the mute button before the bell rings” at night. I believe it’s wrong that I had to ingrain into my brain (hey that rhymes) the first milliseconds of every commercial that feels the need to ring the bell so I can quickly click away. I’d like to relax and watch some poor saps destroy their kitchens in hopes of upping their houses property value by .01% in the peace and quiet of my living room. Plus Shelly is loosing valuable beauty sleep at night. So if you’re listening ad-men and women, stop being ding-dongs and leave the doorbells alone.


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