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Simon, my most favorite little fella in the whole wide world, is running on four strong legs and playing in Heaven today with his sister and lifelong companion, Scarlett.

Simon no longer slips and falls on hardwood floors or needs help up that one step to get into the house. He no longer takes medicine 2 times a day for arthritic joints and pain. His legs are straight and strong. He doesn’t have to lay on “wee-wee” pads just in case he has an accident. And he doesn’t have to wait for me to pick him up to put him on the sofa – he can just jump up like he did when he was a pup. For all of that I’m happy.

I cannot pick him up and hold him. I cannot sleep in on the weekend with him by my side. I cannot take him for a ride in the truck or take him to the lake. I do not have enough photos of him. I cannot take him for quick jaunts around the front yard. I cannot sit and watch the ball games while playing with his soft ear. I cannot kiss his little face or rub his belly. I cannot come home from work to see him peaking around the corner of the sofa from his little bed. I cannot hear the distinctive “click-click, slip-slip” of his nails on the floor. For all of that and so much more, I am sad.

We love and miss you dearly.





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