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We Had A Little Scare

Saturday after Scarlett’s gotcha-day celebration, we all had our 6 week fur styling appointment. The usual routine goes like this. Depending on whether or not Mom feels like bathing us, Scarlett and Shelly either get baths or they just go to the groomer and they wash them before being clipped. I, Simon, always get my bath at home and I hang around until the girls are finished and then I go to get my furs clipped while Pop waits for me. We do it this way because I tend to get a little nervous and when I get nervous, I poop. That’s right, I said it. I can’t help myself. And usually it is of the really messy variety. So anyway, all was going just as planned when we got a phone call. Immediately I knew something was wrong. Mom and Pop raced out of the house and left me totally unattended which was cool with me. It gave me some major paw chewing time all to myself.

A short time later, I heard the garage door open and in walks Scarlett but she didn’t look like she had her furs cut. I gave her a sniff and she smelled clean – unlike her normal muddy pond smell – and she headed straight to the water bowl and drank and drank and drank. I asked what was going on and I was told that Scarlett had a seizure. Mom and Pop were/are pretty worried about her but if you ask me, I think she was just trying to get out of it. I thought I was home free too but later in the day when the phone rang again and Shelly was finished with her cut and color, Pop took me to get mine. Here’s a pic of Shelly waiting for me when I was getting my fur cut. She kinda looks like that cool dude sitting next to her.


We’ve been keeping a eye on Scarlett the past couple of days and we haven’t seen any more seizures although we think she may have had one or two the week prior. Once while she was asleep and another time she fell when drinking at the water bowl. At the time, it never crossed our minds that she was having a seizure. We thought that she was just having a really intense dream the first time and when she fell we chalked it up to her legs just giving out on her (she has arthritis pretty badly in her back legs). But in hind site, they may have been seizures.



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