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For more information about people foods that are poisonous to pooches (and to find the answer), click here.


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Tommy & Shelly in the morningAll man, please close the blinds


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Every night around 7:00p.m. Tommy gets his second “wind” and all he wants to do is play. His little world ain’t so little any more! It’s really been remarkable how quickly he’s adjusted to us and to Shelly. He is no longer scared to death of doorways or sudden movements and regularly ventures all around the house – especially the kitchen 🙂

Tommy in mid-leap Shelly & Tommy in Action

When we were doing a little research before we adopted Tommy, we read that E.T.’s usually choose one family member to be blessed enough to tend to their every need. It’s true! And Judy has been lucky enough to receive this honor. She can’t go anywhere in the house without a little shadow right on her heals. And when she goes to work he doesn’t relax until she comes home. It’s really kinda sweet. The other night they were in the midst of their evening romp when Judy pulled into the garage and came home to her little entourage. And then it was time for everypup to finally relax 🙂

Who's at the door? Mom's Home!

Tommy Getting Sleepy Tommy Sleeping Shelly relaxing

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In this video, we see that Master Shelly has taught her Grasshopper well in the art of stealing a toy.

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Hi pups! We’ve entered a photo contest and would appreciate your vote. It runs for a week and you can vote once a day 🙂 Woof!

PeeS: Voting starts today at 1:00pm EST.

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Decking the Halls

Merry Christmas!

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