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We haven’t had an installment of “Around the House” in a few weeks so for this week, I’m going to show off a few of our favorite flowers that are in bloom right now.

This first one is a Day Lily that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s been patiently waiting to get planted for almost 2 weeks and we’re happy to announce that it finally found it’s forever home shortly after this photo was taken. It now resides in a bed next to our front door. Oh, and the flowers in the background are actually overflowing from one of two very large concrete planters that we have. They’re pretty too 🙂


This too is a Day Lily and I think it’s neat because of all the ruffles.


And lastly, these are called “Black-Eyed Susan” – because of the dark centers I presume. We also have one with purple petals and a dark green center that is called “Green-Eyed Susan”.


And to set the record straight, I am not the one in the family with the green-thumb. My main contributions to the flower beds are watering and hauling bags of top soil around for the expert (Judy). But I do cut the grass!

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