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We’re finally starting to settle in from our whirlwind trip to meet Tommy and bring him home. I’d like to firstly thank everyone from English Toy Rescue in Indianapolis for working so hard to make the adoption run so smoothly. Jim drove Tommy to Charleston, WV on Monday morning to meet me half way. That was extremely nice of him. And a special thank you to Tommy’s foster mom who had been caring for him and loving him knowing all along that one day she would have to give him up.

OK so here’s the story. I left South Carolina on a rainy Sunday morning expecting a 6 hour trip. It was the most excited I’ve ever been about wasting a day in the car. Unfortunately I forgot about returning Thanksgiving traffic and what should have taken me 6 hours turned into 8. That was fine though since I really wasn’t in a big hurry to spend the night in a hotel room. Here’s a couple of pics of my Sunday drive.
Tunnel Entrance.jpg Tunnel.jpg MountainView.jpg
I arrived in Charleston at night and went to bed early. I felt like it was Christmas Eve. I could hardly sleep and woke up every couple of hours. Finally, Monday morning rolled around but I had to wait until 1pm for Tommy to arrive. Arghh! And something happened while I was waiting. It started snowing! In the mountains!! Now, I grew up in Pennsylvania and even took my driving test in 6 inches of snow (and passed) but it’s been a few years since I’ve even seen snow. So I was getting a little nervous. But before I knew it Tommy and Jim pulled up, we met and signed paperwork and Tommy and I were off and headed to warmer weather.
Back Seat Tommy.jpg
Here’s some more pics of our ride back down out of the mountains.
Snowy Road.jpg MountainView.jpg
Ok, ok. Here’s what everydoggy’s been waiting for. Pics of Shelly and Tommy :laugh:
TommyPiggy.jpg ShellySniffTommy.jpg Shelly&Tommy01.jpg
2Curled Up.jpg

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