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Hi pups! As you probably know, Friday was my and Big Pupi’s special day. Adoption day! So while he was busy feasting on turkey necks and ice cream with his brother Stanislaw, I asked my Pawrents for a new Booda. Actually, I didn’t really ask for a new Booda. Everyone says old Booda pig is smelly and falling apart. But I think he’s just fine. It took me years to get him to be so odoriferous (he makes an appearance at the end of the show.) So Pop took off half day of work and when he got home, we celebrated! Out came our nylabones and Shelly somehow got a new red stuffy dog – it was MY barkday for heavens sake. Enjoy our video. We sure had a blast making it 🙂

P.S. I went to the vet and had some blood work done this week to try to find out why I am having seizures. Everything came back negative so it’s still a mystery. Mom & Pop decided not to put me on any more medicine so I’m just going to wing it for a while unless they become more frequent. Thanks for all your kind messages 🙂

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