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This week, we’re going to try to help our Pop with a very special cause. Each year, Project Pet sponsors Bark to the Park which raises money through a really cool festival in our town. The money raised is used to help deserving pets like us find furever homes. Mom & Pop usually go to the festival but this year Pop joined a team at work that is helping to raise money by “walking”. He is in dire need of sponsors and must raise at least $25 dollars so he can be part of the walk. Right now he is holding steady at $0. His ultimate goal is $200 but it’s gonna take a miracle to reach that! He said he knows that people are hurting right now financially but insists that his goal can be met. So we humbly ask for your support. Any amount of donation will be GLADLY accepted. More information about Project Pet and Bark to the Park can be found from the links above.

This is the most important link!
If you’d like to donate to a great cause, please follow this link. Oh, almost forgot, Pop’s not really a doctor (he messed up filling out the application) and he’s walking in memory of Simon so that’s why his picture is on our donation page 🙂

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