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An Artist in the Family

Most doggies are unaware of the little know fact that Simon is an artist. Some artists use acrylics, charcoal, pens or pencils as their media. But to be truly great, one must think “outside the box”. Push the boundaries as you will. Simon is sort of out of the Jackson Pollock vein of artists and has been honing his craft for years now. This is his first published piece and if the response is favorable, he said he’d permit me to publish more. Unfortunately, he can’t sell any of his artwork because it evaporates and is usually “painted” on our driveway. So he doesn’t expect to get rich by any means. His brush is . . . well I’d rather not go there but it’s safe to say it’s of a natural fur and rather small (sorry Simon). And his “paint” is wee-wee. The artist usually begins at the top of the driveway and works his way down during mid stream, never missing a beat. It’s rather inventive don’t you think?


I’d just like to thank every doggie and their pawrents for such kind words in our time of grief. It really, really means a lot to our family. We’re slowly coming to terms with loosing our Scarlett but we miss her dearly. We’re trying to get back to all of you on your blogs but it might take some time because there are so many of you! Bless you all.

from Jason, Judy, Simon & Shelly

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