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unstuffed design, LLC

unstuffed design, LLC

Howdy pups and pup-etts! Mr. T and I (Shelly) are doing just fine. We still like to lounge together at the window and Tommy is still his scaredy-cat self – but not quite as bad. The reason we haven’t updated in so long is that Pop lost a lot of his free time. Can you believe that? What a lame excuse. Well, you see, he’s been trying to start his own business and has finally caught up with all of that. He’s now working evenings as a web designer so if you or anyone you know needs a website please pass his info along to them. It’s called ‘unstuffed design’ and he says I was his inspiration – I guess it has to do with the way I like to unstuff all my toys 🙂

You all might like to visit his website because he’s been writing tutorials on html and css and wordpress that just might come in handy. Hope you all are having a fantastic summer (or winter down below)!


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