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We have this little metal-type door stop that I’m not sure when/how we got it. Simon noticed the “family” resemblance so I thought I’d share it with you.



We’d also like to thank Chef (and all the doggies that signed the petition thus far) for passing on the info on his blog about China and their appetite for dogs.

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Myron Cope, Signing Off


The Steel City is mourning today. Myron Cope, legendary newspaperman, television personality, and most importantly “voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers” has passed away. Cope was to Pittsburgh as Bob Uecker is to the Milwaukee Brewers. Best know for his “tell you like it is” style and thick ‘burg accent (if you’ve ever heard him, you’d know what I mean), Cope began his career as the Steelers’ radio personality in 1970 and hung it up in 2004.

He is credited for coining the phrase “the Immaculate Reception” – describing Franco Harris’ reception against the Oakland Raiders in 1972. But his greatest legacy may be for being the creator of “the Terrible Towel”.

Pittsburgh thanks you Mr. Cope. Bring on the Cleveland Brownies!


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