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Did you ever wonder about those cute puppies that star on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl? Who are they and what was is like to be the center of attention on the largest television viewing day of the year? Well, wonder no more. The FleasGang had an exclusive interview with Abbigale, the PetSmart MVP of Puppy Bowl IV and here is how it went.

Good evening Abbigale. First off, I’d like to thank you for taking time to do this interview for me. I can only imagine how hectic it probably is around your house being a television star and all. So here are some questions that I came up with that I thought our readers might enjoy. I promise I won’t pull a Barbara Walters on you and try to make you cry 🙂
Here’s an easy one. How old are you and how long have you been living with your pet parents?

8 months the 6th of this month

Were you adopted from a shelter and if so, did your pet parents know that you were a star?

I was bought from a breeder in Ohio, My parents saw my picture on a website and knew instantly I had potential! They drove over 400 miles to get me.

How did you find out about the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl?

The place where we get food from told us they were in need of younger puppies this year and gave us a contact number with Animal Planet. Normally Animal Planet only uses pups up for adoption but most were a bit too old.

Did you have to do any special training to prepare for the Puppy Bowl? It looked like an awful lot cardiovascular endurance was required.

As a Jack Russell Terrier it almost comes natural for me, but I do have a hard time getting my owners to keep up with me. Dad really needs more Cardio!

There sure were a lot a cute puppies in this year’s extravaganza. So who was you’re favorite “play partner” and why?

I would have to say my rival for Viewers Choice MVP “JACKSON”. We really hit it off during the filming.

Now that you have one television appearance under your collar, do you plan on pursuing acting in the future?

Actually I have been featured in a couple segments of the local news even got “Pet of the Week”. My current plans are to start my training in the next couple weeks for the Jack Russell Terrier races at the Annual Gold Cup Races in VA. I have a sponsor already and don’t want to let them down! There are some fast dogs that will be competing! I also have been scheduled to go to a few local schools to appear in classes of some kindergarten children.

Can you briefly describe the “behind the scenes” experience for our
readers? Is it really as fun as it looked or is that just a product of clever

Well it was an all day event for me! We started early and the filming ran a bit late. There were tons of other puppies in the green room just waiting to get in there and show their stuff. Owners and dog’s coming in and going out, there was so much going on! We got food and drinks and were treated very well. The people at Animal Planet studios were so nice and I got tons of pets and kisses. Too bad they couldn’t show all the footage they shot.

I almost forgot to congratulate you on being voted “PetSmart MVP” of this years’ Puppy Bowl. Did you receive any special treats from PetSmart for receiving this honor?

Thank you very much. I’m proud to have been picked for the MVP, I was just out there to put on a good show and I’m glad everyone picked me for this honor! I didn’t officially get any special treats from Petsmart for getting the MVP, But who knows? Maybe they will roll up a new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid one day and surprise me. LOL I won’t hold my breath for that. I did recieve an Animal Planet tote bag filled with a few squeaky toys a bandanna and a Petsmart gift card after the day of filming was over. I thought that was very nice. I bought a nice ball with it.

We’re almost finished so hang in there. Do you have any advice for yet to be born Puppy Bowl stars of the future?

Come into this world HEAD first and when your feet hit the ground, START RUNNING!!

And finally. Pet parents around the world want to know if you’re still the rambunctious puppy that we saw on television or have you settled down some since you’re a little more mature?

I think the path worn in the carpet around the sofa answers that question!

Thank you again Abbigale for your time and patience. We think you’re super and wish only the best for you and your parents in the future.

Thank You and please remember there are pets out there that need good homes! Contact your local shelter and adopt a BEST FRIEND!

You can see more of Abbi in action in our previous post 🙂

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