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Before I get to the good stuff, let me just relate a short “tail” that happened this weekend. I was at the computer paying some bills and I left Simon on the couch and Shelly was out on the porch looking out the window (as usual). A few minutes passed and I heard Simon shuffling his feet through the dining room, past the kitchen and into the computer room where I was. I told him I was just about finished and I’d be ready to settle down in a minute. He looked at me with his big, brown eyes and then wobbled off back to the living room. Shortly there after, I heard Shelly, or at least I thought it was her, chewing on something so being ever fearful that she was chewing the leg off of a chair or something, I got up to investigate. It turned out that it was Simon chewing on one of Shelly’s Nyla-Bones. That surprised me since he never, ever chews on anything other than his feet. Ever.

I left him there chewing away on the bone and was just about ready to log-off the computer when I heard a very loud & scary dog-fight break out. My heart skipped a beat (or two) as I ran into the living room to find Shelly standing over Simon, both face to face with teeth exposed. I grabbed Shelly and threw her off of him and began to check him out for bite marks. Nothing.

Simon went back to chewing the bone and Shelly hid on the chair on the porch, keeping an eye on HER bone. I called her and she ran “belly-to-the-ground” and jumped up on my lap. I figured I’d better check her out too and lo and behold, her ear was a bloody mess! She had a puncture wound and a pretty long gash running the length of it. Apparently Shelly was the one that got the short end to the stick on this one. We cleaned her ear and gave them both a biscuit and all was forgiven. That’s the first time that there was ever a problem between the two of them. Hopefully it’s the last.

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