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Feather & Bows

This past Saturday was definitely a dog day of, well, spring. Not only was it the Dogs with Blogs Wine, Chat and Chew party, but it was also grooming day for Simon, Scarlett and Shelly and on top of that, it was the spring Bark to the Park here in Columbia. We went last year and had a blast. So Judy and I went to see the doggies at the park for a couple of hours and left our beasts at home because we were too chicken to let them rub noses with so many other dogs. I took plenty of photos of all the pooches that we saw and will post them here in the near future 🙂 In the meantime, here are a few pics of our freshly shorn furkids!

Scarlett showing off her magenta feather complete with faux diamond.

<div align=center>ScarlettFeather02.jpg ScarlettFeather01.jpg

This is Shelly sporting pink bows on her ears.

ShellyPinkBows01.jpg ShellyPinkBows02.jpg

And a group photo of all three. Simon is wearing his bandana but it’s kinda hard to see it 🙂

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