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Happy Anniversary DWB!

Simon, Scarlett & Shelly would like to wish Charlie, Opy, Greg and Brooke a happy one year anniversary. Great job guys and we’re proud to be your friends. Visit them here!

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Blog Crawl


What is the Blog Crawl? Well let me tell you. It’s based on the ever popular “bar crawl” where one hops from one bar to another, having one beverage at each establishment. You’re in and out of each place rather quickly.

The Blog Crawl works in the same manner. You start a Post on your blog, but part way through you place a link to another doggie’s blog and finish (or move on to another blog) your Post on their blog. You can find out a little more about the Blog Crawl here. If you want to participate, just leave me a comment with your email address and blog address.

And on a side note, apparently the FleasBlog was “Blog of the Month” at Wikifido.com. We are sharing the honor with Sheltie Nation. Woo-hoo! Thanks to Pappy’s dad for pointing that out to us.

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Mirror Image

I left the room the other night to get myself a beverage and when I came back this is what I saw. Simon was asleep just like you see him here, but Shelly was out on the porch looking out the window when I left. She is such a copy-cat!

<div align=”center”>MirrorImage01.jpg MirrorImage02.jpg</div>

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These work great if you print out a few and carry them on you. Then, when someone asks you a stupid question that you have no idea how to answer, just hand them one of these pictures.

<div align=”center”>bunny.jpg


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Shelly and Static Electricity

Shelly and her bout with static electricity
She’s such a good girl 🙂

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Just like everyone else, we too now have a fancy little guest book thingy on our blog. So take a couple of minutes and sign it for us 🙂

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** Press Release**

Columbia, SC – In an exclusive interview with Simon, founder & CEO of the Fleas Forum along with President Scarlett and CFO Shelly, the trio proudly announced that the popular doggie chat forum has been updated and released as version 3.0.

After extensive “beta” testing in their posh penthouse office that overlooks the backyard, the updated version of the forum boasts some cutting-edge technology. Among the changes that users will find are loads of new “topics” which include such titles as Dog and Puppy Training, Dog Grooming, and Saying Good-Bye. “We listened to you, the reader, and I think you’ll be pleased,” said Simon. For those of you who have your own doggie website, V3.0 even offers a place where you can post your own link! Dog Jokes and Cartoons is the place for you when you need a funny pick-me-up or just can’t resist sharing that hilarious joke. “Here around the office, we’re alway cracking jokes and then one day it hit me. Why not share them with our friends?”, said Scarlett. “Yeah, like Simon’s always crackin’ me up”, included Shelly.

But the piece de resistance is the ability to add video to your posts! “We’ve teamed up with the popular internet video hosting website, YouTube, and they’re really excited about working with us”, declared Simon. “I think it should benefit both organizations.”

So, if you haven’t checked out Fleas Forum version 3.0 yet, what are you waiting for? All your friends will be there 🙂

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